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Marcio Dufranc is a nature and landscapes photographer with some important mentions on worldwide photography contests.
Contributer of many travel and nautical magazines and author of the book “Ilhabela from North to South”, that’s literally a round all over Ilhabela, the biggest oceanic island of Brazil, located at Sao Paulo north coast.


Traveling the world, Marcio seeks for inspirational landscapes, using unique conditions of light, to bring out the world’s best views and magic moments.


Marcio also leads workshops for begginers and advanced photographers, to help them to explore, develop and improve their personal feelings and look through the viewfinder of the camera.


Most of the images of this galleries and stock photos are available to editorial and advertising licesing and also limited edition fine art prints, made with a 100% cotton papers, canvas or metal prints.



Welcome and thanks for enjoying my photography art. This is how I feel the world, it landscapes and particularities

Nature it’s always presenting surprises, and being out there to capture this rare moments of light it’s my passion. Scouting, patience, persistence and a little luck with weather conditions are the main ingredients of this activity.

Urban photography it’s challenging. Architecture, people, movement, bicycles, cars, trains,etc…There are many issues and no limits to combine and find what’s best light to apply to my photography.

In digital photography period of time, there are a few of capture technics and tools in editing, that can help and enhance the photography and bring out what I was imagining as a final result at capture moment. It’s very important to say, that camera, capture technics and editing tools do not make the photography alone, if the capture it’s not well done, there is nothing to do to recover it.

I hope all my effort to makes this captures, bring to the viewer a peaceful and pleasant feeling, and also a very important message to preserve the nature, our planet needs good actions from each one of us right now.

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